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Gun Dogs (SOLD)
Flowers (SOLD)
Meissen (SOLD)
Art Deco (SOLD)
Dumbells (SOLD)
Dumbells (SOLD)
Dumbells (SOLD)
Plain Cuts (SOLD)
Scrolls (SOLD)
Sextet (SOLD)
Square Cut (SOLD)
Tracers (SOLD)
Triangles (SOLD)
Two by Two (SOLD)
Acorn Ends (SOLD)
Bamboos (SOLD)
Dragons (SOLD)
Figural A (SOLD)
Fancy (SOLD)
Four Balls (SOLD)
Tripods (SOLD)
Tusks (SOLD)
Wings (SOLD)
Claw Feet (SOLD)
Curls (SOLD)
Horns (SOLD)
Lovebirds (SOLD)
Poodles (SOLD)
Triangles (SOLD)
Tiny Horns (SOLD)