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Knife Rest Animals - Antique Collectable Tableware

Our selection of Knife Rest animals would make a unique special gift for someone who likes animals, antiques, collectables or tableware.

Rare Lions with Shield Silver Plated Antique Knife Rests

Rare Lions with Shield Silver Plated Antique Knife Rests Left ViewThese Lions with Shield Antique Knife Rests have heavily engraved base with finely detailed lions in silver plate.The shields are plain silver so could be engraved by the customer to personalise for a Christmas or birthday gift.In superb condition for their age estimated to be early 20th century. 4.25" long x 2" high.... MORE DETAILS >>

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Poodle Pottery/china Antique Knife Rests

Pottery / China Poodles Collectable Antique Knife Rests front viewThese pottery/china Poodle knife rests in the style of Vallauris, have minor wear to the glaze in two areas only and measure 4" long x 1.75" high .These Poodle knife rests would make a lovely Birthday or Christmas gift for a dog lover or poodle fanatic.As these are a vivid ruby color, they could also be given as a novel gift for a 40th wedding anniversary.... MORE DETAILS >>


Silver Plated Swan Knife Rests

Swans Collectable Antique Knife Rests left viewSilver plated Swan knife rests. These ornate swans are in excellent condition with superb detailing on both sides of the swans. They measure 3.5" long x 1.5" high. These knife rests would make a novel gift for a wild life enthusiast or to add to an existing collection.... MORE DETAILS >>

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Vintage Knife/Chop Stick Rests Of Blue and White Fish in Ceramic

Blue and White Fishes Collectable Antique Chop Stick Knife Rests Left ViewA very nicely detailed pair of fish knife /chop stick rests made of ceramic in brilliant blue with white tails and fins. The age would be mid 1900's and there is no damage whatsoever. They measure 3" (7.5 cm) long x 1" (2.5cm) high at the highest point. These would make an unusual second year anniversary gift, which it is said, should be made of china.... MORE DETAILS >>

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Vintage Porcelain Dachshund Knife Rests

Vintage Porcelain Dachshund / Sausage Dogs Collectable Antique Knife Rests right viewVintage, post 2nd world war (circa1950) pure white Limoges porcelain Dachshund Knife rests.There are no markings but they measure 4.75" long x 1.5" high and are in pristine condition.These would make a novel gift for a collector of animals or a Sausage Dog lover.You might also be interested to know that the modern theme for an 18th wedding anniversary is... MORE DETAILS >>

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Peacock/Game Bird Pottery Knife Rests

Game Birds Collectable Antique Knife Rests front viewA beautiful pair of stylised game birds or peacocks knife rests.They are hand made in the style of Troika with lovely markings in a hard glaze pottery.In addition they both have MB encircled on the bottom. (Mary Baker was an artist for Troika) but we cannot verify their provenance.They are in superb condition, the size of each being: 3" (75mm) long x 1.5"... MORE DETAILS >>

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Colourful Birds Antique Knife Rests

Amusing Goebel Hummel china Antique Knife Rests with Birds left viewAmusing Goebel Hummel pair of 1920's rests. Numbered 7969 and 7970. Would make an interesting talking point to any dinner party and instantly noticeable on a table cloth.  So perhaps a gift to take to a dinner party to add to your hosts tableware with a piece of 100 year old history.One very minor chip in each. 3.75" long x 1.5" high... MORE DETAILS >>

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Doves at Roost Knife Rests by Gaubier

Doves at Roost Knife Rests by Gaubier Antique Knife Rests rear viewVintage/mid century (circa 1950) highly decorative Knife Rests in green and brown pottery with doves at each end of a solid central bar.They are in perfect condition with the name GAUBIER impressed to the underside and are made in hard glazed pottery. The size of each is 3.75" (95mm) long x 1.25" (35mm) high.A collector of birds would find these a welcome... MORE DETAILS >>

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French Silver Plated Grazing Geese Knife Rests

French Silver Plated Grazing Geese Knife Rests Side ViewAn unusual set of silver plated grazing geese made in France in the 1930's by the famous painter and designer Yorel. Each rest is marked to this effect and are typically distinct from this designer.They are also shown as registered (depose) and each is 3.25 inches long x 1 inch high.A delightful addition to a collection of other birds or as a talking point when... MORE DETAILS >>

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Brass Egyptian Sphinx Antique Knife Rests

Brass Egyptian Sphinx Antique Knife Rest Left ViewA pair of Sphinx Brass knife rests with finely detailed Egyptian Sphinx and an equally decorative central bar.Brass is a less common medium for knife rests which makes them unusual. Their age is circa 1920's and they measure 9cm (3.5") long x 3.5cm (1.5") high.These would make an intriguing present for someone interested in Egyptology or indeed for a... MORE DETAILS >>

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Vintage Wooden Alligator/Crocodile Chopstick Rests

Alligators Collectable Antique Knife RestsA vintage set of 6 hand carved Alligator or Crocodile chopstick rests in a black wood (possibly ebony).All in perfect condition and very unusual.They measure 4.75" (12cm) long x 3/8" (8mm) high.Someone who likes to cook and present chinese food, would intrigue their guests by dressing their table with these rests.Wood is the theme for the 5th... MORE DETAILS >>

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