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Knife Rests We Have Sold

A few of the knife rests we have sold.

Silver Plated Curled Leaf Design Antique Knife Rests With Rd. Number

Silver Plated Curled Leaf Design Antique Knife Rests With Plain Centre Bar Left ViewArt Nouveau silver plated knife rests well made and heavily plated, they are in excellent condition.These very attractive rests have nicely engraved curled 'leaf' shaped feet ending in a coil and have the additional provenance of makers marks, being  HA, EA, FA, standing for Henry, Edward and Frank Atkin.In addition they show Rd.No. 372053 ... MORE DETAILS >>


Antique Foreign Silver Decorative Knife Rests

Pierced with tear drops silver Collectable Antique Knife Rests left viewA superb pair of foreign silver (unmarked) carver rests with teardrop piercing and "shell" ends to the stylish bases.They are probably French, dating from circa 1890 and are in pristine condition.Measuring 2.5" (6.5cm) wide x 1" (2.5cm) high they are a small but beautiful addition to a collection.... MORE DETAILS >>


Early Silver Antique Knife Rests dated 1881

William & John Barnard silver Crossed Flags Collectable Antique Knife Rests left viewSilver Antique Knife Rests hall marked London 1881, Maker: Walter & John Barnard.These superb rests in excellent condition have engraved crossed flags at one end of each rest and measure 2.75" long x 1" high.They would make a beautiful addition to a collection or a useful addition to a table setting.... MORE DETAILS >>


Silver Plated Setter Type Gun Dog Knife Rests

Small Setter / gun Dogs Collectable Antique Knife RestsThese silver plated knife rests of Setter type Gun dogs would make an interesting addition to a collection of dogs or animals in general. Perhaps an anniversary gift for years 5, 16, or 23, all of which suggest silverware as a modern gift.They are 1" high x 3.5" long. Circa 1920 and the silver plating is in excellent condition.In addition they are by the... MORE DETAILS >>


Glass Dachshunds Antique Knife Rests

Glass Dachshunds Collectable Antique Knife Rests Left View1950's pair of moulded glass Knife Rests in the form of Dachshunds. Size 4.25" x 1" and in good condition and well proportioned although stylised.A unique gift for a Dog or Dachshunds lover, or someone who appreciates antiques. A great addition to your dinner table and a conversation starter. ... MORE DETAILS >>


Antique Fighting Birds Knife Rests

Fighting Birds Collectable Antique Knife RestsA finely detailed pair of French silvered pewter Knife Rests in the form of two birds, thought to be eagles.The birds are fighting over a piece of fruit and are late 19th Century with finely engraved wings, claws and heads making a rare pair of rests.The bottom of each is marked "REX. MADE IN FRANCE. REX" and they measure 3.5" (80mm) long x... MORE DETAILS >>


Cut Glass Dumbbell Antique Knife Rests

Dumbells Collectable Antique Knife RestsBeautiful cut glass dumbbell type Antique Knife Rests, intricately cut with different patterns, leaving a clear star end.They are simply marked along each shaft and in very good condition. A super present for a glass or knife rest collector or just to make a useful and attractive addition to the dinner table setting, measuring 4" long x 1.5" high.... MORE DETAILS >>


Antique Glass Crystal Knife Rests With Hexagon Ends

Small Hexagons Collectable Antique Knife RestsA lovely pair of cut glass knife rests with hexagonal ends and a curved centre containing tear-drop cut outs. A special gift for any occasion or simply for table decoration setting with a long history attached.They are in superb condition for early twentieth century items and very expertly cut. Size of each 2.75" (7cm) long x 0.75" ( 2cm) high... MORE DETAILS >>


Manx Island

Manx Island Collectable Antique Knife RestsA beautifully crafted pair of silver plated rests in the form of the Isle of Man 3-legged logo. (The Isle of Man TT motorbike races have been held for many years.) The condition is pristine and the date is thought to be circa 1930. Size length 3" (8cm) high x 1.5" (3.8cm) high.... MORE DETAILS >>


Unusual Antique Knife Rests Frogs

Left view of knife rest frogs - collectable giftAn unusual pair of stunning French Knife Rests with Reg. Mark YER Depose. This gives them a date range of circa 1900. The plating is excellent and heavy with no signs of excessive wear. The base metal is unknown but is non corrosive. The photograph doesn't really do them justice as in real life they are absolutely beautiful. Size 3.50 inches x 1.50 inches.... MORE DETAILS >>



Filigree Collectable Antique Knife RestsDate: London 1910

Maker: George Jackson & David Fullerton.
Pristine condition, very ornate.

3" long x 1.5" high... MORE DETAILS >>



Curls Collectable Antique Knife RestsElegently engraved classic post first world war design.
RD No. 667120 engraving gives them a date of 1919-1920.
Superbly plated and in extremely fine condition.
Size 3.25" long x 1.5" high.

PP paid for UK customers... MORE DETAILS >>


Four Petals

Four Petals Collectable Antique Knife RestsVery ornate ends in extremely good condition. with a circular middle
Maker: O.W. thought to be early 20th century

3.5" long x 1.5" high... MORE DETAILS >>


Art Glass Ducks

Art Glass Ducks Collectable Antique Knife RestsAn unusual pair of moulded crystal knife rests in the form of figural ducks. Made by Vannes Le Chatel (clearly marked on the bottom of each duck) probably produced in the 1970's when part of the CFC which also owned Daum Glass. Size 4" (10cm) long x 1..5" (4cm) high... MORE DETAILS >>


English Hearts

English Hearts Collectable Antique Knife RestsA beautiful pair of Victorian knife rests with fancy pierced ends with a heart at the top. They have scrolled centres and are in perfect condition. Each is marked E.P.N.S. made in England on the reverse.
Size 2.75" (7cm) long x 1.5" (3.7cm) high.... MORE DETAILS >>


Large S/P Carvers

Large S/P Carvers Collectable Antique Knife RestsA very nice and large pair of knife rests with balled feet ends and semi-fluted centres and diamond shaped centres. In perfect condition they have no repairs or imperfections and are from the late Victorian era i.e. late 1900's.
Size 3.25" (8.5cm) long x 1.5" (3.7cm)high... MORE DETAILS >>


Square on Square

Square on Square Collectable Antique Knife RestsDate: London 1896

Maker: Charles Boynton

Very good condition attractive little rests with border engraving to base.

3.5" long x 1" high... MORE DETAILS >>


Waterford Crystals

Waterford Crystals Collectable Antique Knife RestsA beautiful pair of old (1940-1950's) Waterford Crystal knife rests used for a carving knife and a carving fork. They are in first class condition with no chips or abrasions and are a matching pair which is unusual for this design. They are also very ornate with heavy rolled centres and a large carved star on all ends. They would make a superb addition to any... MORE DETAILS >>


Four Balls

Four Balls Collectable Antique Knife RestsDate: Birmingham 1901

Maker: Henry Wilkinson

In perfect condition in own purpose made box.

2.5" long x 1" high... MORE DETAILS >>


Standard Jack ends

Standard Jack ends Collectable Antique Knife RestsLate Victorian set of silver plated knife rests with beaded centre section in perfect condition. size 3" (7.5 cm) long x 1.25" (3cm) high, This set could be added together with KN0259 and 0260 to form a set of six at a total of £40.00.... MORE DETAILS >>


Gilded Cats

Gilded Cats Collectable Antique Knife RestsA really quirky pair of Art Deco (1930's) cats beautifullt crafted with eyes, ears, whiskers and bow tie. The unusual part of these cats is that they are gilt plated and they are in first class condition.
Sizes 2.75" (7cm) long x 1.5" 3.8cm) high... MORE DETAILS >>



Fancy Collectable Antique Knife RestsDate:Exeter 1855

Maker: James Williams

In excellent condition with initials engraved each end.

3.25" long x 1.25" high... MORE DETAILS >>


Brass Lizards

Brass Lizards Collectable Antique Knife RestsA lovely pair of Brass Lizards (probably continental) in first class condition. They appear to be mid 20th century but could be earlier.
Sizes 5.25" (13cm) long x 1" (2.5cm) high... MORE DETAILS >>


Silea Gift Boxes

Silea Gift Boxes Collectable Antique Knife RestsAn unusual pair of well plated and detailed knife rests in the form of gift boxes. Thought to be Art Deco period (1930's) and they are in beautiful condition.
Sizes 2.4" (6cm) long x .5" (1.2cm) high... MORE DETAILS >>


Grapes and leaf

Grapes and leaf Collectable Antique Knife RestsA unique pair of Silea well silver plated knife rests in the form of grapes and leaves. They have a v shaped cut out to their tops where the knife would rest. They are in superb condition and were probably used with fruit knives during the Art Deco period.
Sizes 1.5" (4cm) long x 1" 2.5cm) high... MORE DETAILS >>


Enamel Crest

Enamel Crest Collectable Antique Knife RestsDate: London 1902

Maker: John Shaw

Motto " Non Sanz Droict" on dark blue enamel, shield gold and turquoise.It is known as Shakespeare's motto and crest meaning "Not without right".
Size 3" long x 1.25" high... MORE DETAILS >>


Flying Horses

Flying Horses Collectable Antique Knife RestsA mid 20th century pair of horses with good detail. The plating is in good condition and of reasonable quality.
Size 8cm.(3.25") long x 3cm. (1.25") high.... MORE DETAILS >>


Standard Type

Standard Type Collectable Antique Knife RestsDate: Sheffield 1898

Maker: H.A (Harry Atkin)

Attractive design of faux bamboo ends and middle section.
Both in pristine condition.
2.5"(62mm) long x 1.25" (30mm)high... MORE DETAILS >>



Flowers Collectable Antique Knife RestsSet of six French modern Faience rests.

Potter C.R.

In perfect condition.

3" long x .5" high... MORE DETAILS >>



Meissen Collectable Antique Knife RestsNice dark blue and white in perfect condition.

Cross swords marks clearly visible on ends. Bulb and flower design. Circa 1818-24

3.75" long x .5" high... MORE DETAILS >>


Amber Beauty

Amber Beauty Collectable Antique Knife RestsCut glass amber coloured rests without any major faults. Could posibly be made of amber. Very ornate and generally in very good condition.

4" long x 1" high... MORE DETAILS >>


Flower Vase type

Flower Vase type Collectable Antique Knife RestsA set of four very delicate hollow glass rests with deep blue coloured stripes. Flared flower ends in Bimini style.
In perfect condition.

4.5" long x 1" high



Tracers Collectable Antique Knife RestsIntricately cut ends and design with trace etching on all cut edges and an inner curved centre.
In good condition throughout.

Size 3.75" long x 1.25" high




Dumbells Collectable Antique Knife RestsSimple pressed glass rests with square pattern to ends, reeded centre.

In good condition.

4.5" long x 1.25" high... MORE DETAILS >>



Dumbells Collectable Antique Knife RestsPressed glass dumbell type with reeded centre shaft. Decorative ends and in good condition.

4.5" long x 1.25" high... MORE DETAILS >>



Triangles Collectable Antique Knife RestsNicely moulded triangular rests with patterning to the end pieces and large clear centre sections. Estimated to be late nineteenth or early twentieth century and in excellent condition throughout.

3.25" long x 1.25" high... MORE DETAILS >>


Plain Cuts

Plain Cuts Collectable Antique Knife RestsEarly cut glass rests in very good condition for their age.
Circa early 20th century

3.5" x 1.25" high... MORE DETAILS >>


Chunky Rests

Chunky Rests Collectable Antique Knife RestsSet of four rests with nicely cut centres and plain ends.
No major blemishes and therefore in extremely good condition.

3" long x 1.25" high... MORE DETAILS >>


Multi-cut Dumbells

Multi-cut Dumbells Collectable Antique Knife RestsBall ends are multi-cut with a six sided middle section. Only slight wear to these attractive pair of rests.

Size 3.75"long x 1.25"high... MORE DETAILS >>


Fruit rests

Fruit rests Collectable Antique Knife RestsVery attractive and decoratively cut and in very good condition for their age estimated to be late 19th to early 20th century.
2.75" long x 0.5" high... MORE DETAILS >>


Fruit Rests

Fruit Rests Collectable Antique Knife RestsCut glass to base only which gives an overall impression of total cut glass work. Very unusual and in good condition.

3.25" long x .75" high... MORE DETAILS >>