Hundreds of Knife Rests sold around the world

Knife Rests as Gifts for Christmas, Birthdays or Anniversaries

Knife or Cutlery Rests, as they may be known, come in many shapes, and materials and can be both vintage or antique.

They can be functional or highly decorative and will enhance any table setting.

At Christmas, one large knife rest or a pair of sturdy rests in glass, silver or even brass, will not only be an attractive addition to the table setting, but a very useful aid to carving the turkey or joint.

Maybe you have a family member or friend who would like to start a collection of something but doesn't know where to start. As knife rests can be purchased for very moderate sums, an interesting and varied collection can be started with limited resources and added to over the years as funds allow.

Or, you or a friend may already be a seasoned knife rest collector.

Wedding anniversaries can be difficult to buy for, but a pair of knife rests in the suggested material for the appropriate year will be a memorable keepsake for ever.

There are some very beautiful crystal and cut glass rests, both vintage and antique which could be given for a 3rd or 15th anniversary.

Any silver tableware settings would be enhanced by the addition of a pair of solid silver or silver plated rests and given for the 5th, 16th, or the milestone 25th anniversary.

China or porcelain rests are probably the more delicate and varied, often highly decorated in many different colors and would be very suitable to rest a serving spoon or cake knife during the dessert course of a dinner party.

China is a traditional gift for the 2nd, 8th and 20th anniversary.

Brass, wood and ivory are also used for knife rests, though much more difficult to find. Brass is given for the 7th, wood for 5th or 7th and ivory for the 14th anniversary.

The other milestone anniversary is of course, the Ruby 40th. If funds do not stretch to actual rubies, why not consider 'cranberry' glass or porcelain knife rests.