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Selection of Miscellaneous Knife Rests and Tableware

Some of our most unusual Antique Knife Rests in Brass, wood, Crystal and metal. Ideal Christmas, Anniversary or Birthday gift for someone special.

Brass Giant Carver Knife Rests

Brass Giant Carver Antique Knife Rests Left ViewSolid Brass Carver Knife Rests.It is unusual to find solid brass as a knife rest material and their simple design makes them very desirable.They measure 5.5" long x 1.5" high which is a very useful length for large carving knives and forks.... MORE DETAILS >>

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Pewter Art Deco Grape Vine Knife Rests

Pewter Art Deco Grape Vine Antique Knife Rests Right ViewA fine pair of French Art Deco (probably 1930's) Knife Rests in the form of a vine, leaf and grapes.These are beautifully modelled in pewter and are a fine example of their kind in pristine condition.Measuring 4"(100mm) long x 2.25"(55mm) at the widest point they would make a novel gift for a wine lover.... MORE DETAILS >>

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Vintage Art Deco Lucite Knife Rests

Vintage Art Deco Lucite Knife Rests Left ViewA very decorative set of 4 vintage Lucite knife rests made in the Art Deco period probably by Du Pont. They have a very intricate pattern cast into the bottoms depicting 2 birds each end of a vine.All four are in very good condition and have to be seen to be believed.Size 3+" (8cm) long x .75" (2cm) high.... MORE DETAILS >>

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Wooden Chop Stick Rests

Wooden Rests Collectable Antique Knife RestsA very unusual and dainty pair of wooden chopstick rests each with 9 separate pieces making up the size and shape to give an Art Deco impression.The size of each rests is 1.5" (3.7cm) long x .75" (2cm) high.... MORE DETAILS >>

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