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Silver Plated Setter Type Gun Dog Knife Rests

These silver plated knife rests of Setter type Gun dogs would make an interesting addition to a collection of dogs or animals in general. Perhaps an anniversary gift for years 5, 16, or 23, all of which suggest silverware as a modern gift.

They are 1" high x 3.5" long. Circa 1920 and the silver plating is in excellent condition.

In addition they are by the famous Austrian Maker W.M.F. which stands for Wurtemburger Metallica Fabrica (Art Nouveau) .



Vintage Porcelain Dachshund / Sausage Dogs Collectable Antique Knife Rests right view

Vintage Porcelain Dachshund Knife Rests
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£38.00 (GBP)

1 pair


Pottery / China Poodles Collectable Antique Knife Rests front view

Poodle Pottery/china Antique Knife Rests
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Glass Dachshunds Collectable Antique Knife Rests Left View

Glass Dachshunds Antique Knife Rests
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